Week 13: Weight Watchers Weigh In

Down 1.8 lbs!

This puts me at 16 lbs lost “officially” since joining WW and 20 lbs (!!!) down total since the beginning of July. I skipped my weigh in last week since I was out of town to enjoy a day of tailgating in Gainesville (despite the many beers I drank while tailgating, I still had a significant loss on the scale). So really, this has been 14 weeks on Weight Watchers, but my 13th weigh in.

Twenty pounds is a milestone I’ve anxiously been waiting to hit. Sure, it’s just a number, but to me it’s a number that signals real progress and confirmation that I’m on the right path. I gained this amount of weight since the beginning of the year and I plan on leaving it in 2014 and never seeing it again. It’s funny because the weight I’m at now used to be the weight that would freak me out if I saw it on the scale. Now I’m happy to see this number! I still have about another 20 pounds to lose to hit my goal weight, so this also marks the halfway point to my goal. I don’t expect to get there any time soon, but I know if I keep doing what I’m doing I’ll get there eventually.

The downside to losing weight is I also lose points! As you lose weight your daily WW points total decreases, too, since it corresponds to how much you weigh. It definitely seems harder to stay within my points for the day, thankfully I have 49 extra for the week to use however I wish (wine!!).

I’m still not back into a solid exercise routine. Now that the weather’s getting nice, I plan on walking a lot more. Since I’ve been gifted a dog (don’t ask), I’ve been taking her on walks most days after work and on the weekends. I also went on a long walk along Bayshore, a beautiful pedestrian trail in Tampa that runs along the water.  Definitely not a bad view!


I’ll be missing yet another weigh in this weekend since I’ll be out of town again. I’ll be with my family — so food will be a central activity. Wish me luck!

P.S. As I write this I’m eating zucchini noodles, aka zoodles. I bought a veggie spiralizer a few weeks ago (the Vegetti, you can find it in Bed, Bath & Beyond). I’ll try to put together a post about how I’ve been using it.


Trader Joe’s Weight Watchers Shopping List

There are two kinds of people in the world: those who are obsessed with Trader Joe’s and those who don’t get the hype.

I fall into the first camp, obviously. We finally got a Trader Joe’s in Tampa earlier this year. Before that, I would occasionally make an hour drive to the nearest store in Sarasota and before they were in Florida it was a huge deal getting to visit a TJs when I was out of town.


I think of Trader Joe’s as a hybrid between a normal chain grocery store and a Whole Foods/Fresh Market (but without the crazy prices). Personally, I love going to TJ’s because every visit feels like a scavenger hunt — they’re big on adding new items and always put out seasonal items, so you really never know what you’ll come across. On the downside, sometimes a favorite product disappears, at least seasonally (where have you gone, edamame hummus???). If you don’t go to Trader Joe’s expecting the typical grocery store experience, you will probably end up joining its cult of followers.  [Read more…]

Week 12: Weight Watchers Weigh In

I’m down 0.2 lbs this week. Once again, I was expected a gain, so even a small loss is a nice surprise.

I was kind of a mess this week…

1. I was HUNGRY. I felt much hungrier than usual but I barely tracked my food either — so, I can’t really look back at what I ate all week to try and figure out why I kept feeling ravenous before lunch and dinner. A lot of absent minded snacking was happening when I get home from work in the evenings. To curb hunger, I’m going to eat more filling breakfasts (it’s been kind of an afterthought lately) and an afternoon snack and see if that helps.

2. I went out to a Mexican restaurant and ate like 3/4 of a huge basket of chips and salsa. This is a place where you have to ASK for chips (not complimentary) and I ASKED for them thinking I’d be able to have just a few. In the history of chips and salsa, who has ever been able to take 3 chips and stop? No one, that’s who. Lesson (re)learned: chips and salsa is not meant for moderation.

So, in lieu of these less-than-disciplined behaviors, I really didn’t want to go to my meeting on Saturday. Plus, I was out late on Friday night so I wanted to sleep in. I almost turned my alarm off when I got home on Friday night. Then when I woke up, I laid in bed hitting snooze and debating whether I was going to go but I eventually threw myself together in less than 5 minutes and went. I knew I had to get to my meeting because it would help get me refocused for the coming week.

Funny enough, this week’s meeting topic was about why attending WW meetings is so important for accountability and support. I brought up how I was thisclose to skipping the meeting because I didn’t want to face the scale, but I ended up losing 0.2 lbs “even though I didn’t deserve it.” (<– yes, I’m surprisingly chatty in the meetings) Want to really turn heads in a WW meeting? Try doing a little negative self talk in front of 30 supportive people. As soon as those words came out of my mouth, I realized how ridiculous it sounded. And of course my WW leader made sure to point out that having an off week doesn’t make me any less deserving. Like I’ve said before, the physical side of losing weight is relatively easy compared to the mental/emotional side of it.

Have any of my fellow dieters had off weeks lately? How’d you bounce back?

Week 11: Weight Watchers Weigh In

I’m down another 2 lbs! There seems to be a pattern that when I don’t expect to lose much, I do. This weigh in followed a night of pizza and wine, so I was expecting to be UP.

For those of you keeping score, I’ve lost 18 pounds in less than 3 months (!!!). It’s hard for me to wrap my mind around that because for a while my weight loss seemed so slow — which just goes to show that a little bit at a time really adds up. Hopefully I’ll be celebrating the 20-pound mark soon.

I wish I could share some secret trick for how I’ve done this. It’s as simple as making the right choices most of the time (I’m eating a carrot cake cupcake as I write this!). Many times when I’ve dieted in the past, my plan was so restrictive that one slip up would send me into binge mode and next thing I’d know three days had passed and I still wasn’t back on track. Now, it’s OK if I eat a cupcake one day because for 95% of the time I’m not eating cupcakes.

So I guess what I said about not having a trick is a lie. My secret trick is balance. And being mindful enough when I do choose to eat a cupcake to not eat five. :)

Since I’ve started my new job, I’ve barely been working out. My commute is kind of brutal, so by the time I get home it’s too late to make any of the classes I’d been attending in the evenings. I hope once I settle in more I’ll be able get back into a work out routine, which may mean finding a place to take classes near my office. But in the meantime, I should probably lay off these damn cupcakes that are in my house!

I’m now weighing in on Saturdays, so from now on I’ll post my weigh in updates on Monday (because hopefully anyone who reads this is out doing fun stuff on the weekend and not waiting for me to update my blog — ahem, Crystal.)

Week 10: Weight Watchers Weigh In

I’m not sure HOW I lost 2 lbs this week, but it’s a welcomed surprise!


I had a lot going on over the weekend (a.k.a. lots of drinking and eating), so I expected to gain weight. I went to a brunch/wine tasting event, had a BBQ at my house, drank by the pool, went to a housewarming party, and watched the Gator game with friends. In addition to drinking at each of the aforementioned get togethers, I ate things like french toast casserole, cupcakes and cookies. So yes, the weight loss is mind boggling. I suppose the difference compared to when I’d normally have a big weekend is that I ate well in between indulgences and snuck in some exercise.

In other news I have a big change happening — I’m starting a new job tomorrow! As exciting as this is, I’m also nervous since I had a set routine that revolved around my former office. My gym and Zumba studio are both down the street from my old office. My new job is a pretty far commute, so what were once convenient locations for me to work out right after work are now out of the way.

My plan is to find a new gym close to my new office (or at least somewhere along my route home) and keep going to my Zumba studio a few times a week. My Weight Watchers meetings are also by my old office, so I’ll be changing my weigh in day to Saturdays since I’ll no longer be able to make weekday meetings. This may be a good thing since it will force me to make good decisions on Friday evening. Hopefully. :)

21 vs. 31

My roomie Cassie and I have been talking about how hard it is to lose weight now compared to when we were in college. Back then we’d do some crazy crash diet for 2 weeks and be bikini ready once again. Today, well, not so much…

Which got us thinking that — despite feeling like we’re still 21 at times — life is A LOT different than it was then. Thus, I decided to take a Buzzfeed-style look at life at 21 compared to life at 31…

Weight Loss

21: You’re not phased by a sudden weight gain. You can easily drop 10 pounds after two weeks of dieting.



31: Your metabolism hates you. You spend a year and a half trying to take off 10 pounds, only to gain an extra 20.




[Read more…]