Week 18: Weight Watchers Weigh In

Sorry for my long absence! I did go weigh in this past Saturday. It’s been a hectic week so I haven’t sat down to write up a post…

I was up 0.4 lb after Thanksgiving/visiting NYC. I’m totally pleased with that. Just maintaining/not gaining much over the holidays will be a win for me.

I added a new section to the site this week –> Weight Watchers FAQ

I know this time of year everyone is thinking of their New Year’s resolutions (well, maybe not yet… that’s what December 31 is for), so I came up with some questions people thinking about joining Weight Watchers might have. A few of these came from my friends Bri and Steph who are also following WW, so thanks for your input, ladies. :) I’d love for this to be a HUGE resource, so I’ll keep adding more to it. If you have questions you want me to answer, you can leave them in the comments or drop me a line.

Sorry for the short post! I will give you all more attention next week. How’s December going for you?



6 Awesome Weight Watchers Instagram Accounts

If you think Instagram is nothing but tweens posting selfie, think again.


There’s a very active Instagram community around Weight Watchers, so it’s become a huge source of inspiration for me to follow a lot of fellow Weight Watchers. When I did Weight Watchers years ago, I used to hang around the message boards on the site to get meal ideas, tips and motivation. Now, I use Instagram for that. Times have changed. :)

If you’re on Instagram and want to find other Weight Watchers peeps, search hashtags like #weightwatchers, #wwfamily, #wwcommunity, and #wwsisterhood. Once you find an account you like, look at who they’re following to find more WW related accounts. Many Weight Watchers people put the WW in their screen name, making them easy to spot.

I definitely have a few favorites I follow. Check ‘em out below. (P.S. If you’re on Instagram, make sure to follow me! –> @snarkandpepper)













Do you use Instagram for healthy inspiration? Tell me some of your favorite accounts in the comments. :)

Week 17: Weight Watchers Weigh In

I had a big loss this week… 3.4 lbs!

I think my loss this week is proof that even if you don’t see the scale go down every week, if you stay the course, eventually the weight is going to come off. This is why a gain here and there shouldn’t throw you off track. Throughout this process I’ve trusted that being consistent will get me positive results.  Speaking of trust…

Self-trust is something to keep in mind as you move through the holidays. If you trust yourself to make the right choices, then you can just relax at every meal, holiday, vacation and event because you know you won’t fall off the wagon. I think we give way too much power over situations, when we’re the ones who have control. I used to view this time of year as a time to hit the pause button until January 1. The difference this year? I trust myself to balance my indulgences with healthy choices and staying active. It’s easier said than done, of course. But since I’ve been practicing this kind of moderation for 4.5 months now, I trust this behavior is going to follow me wherever I go and whatever situation I end up in.

This week I’m faced with two things that I’d normally allow to completely destroy my progress: a trip to NYC and Thanksgiving.

I typically view my trips to New York as an excuse to binge on the incredible variety of cuisine at my fingertips (remember when I spent 2 weeks there mostly stuffing my face?). This time will be different. I won’t be chewing on lettuce for 5 days, but I also won’t be eating every hot dog and slice of pizza I pass. My strategy for my time in NYC is to indulge on things I can’t get in Tampa – like an amazing bagel. And even then it will probably be half a bagel (I’m sure it will be smothered in cream cheese though!).

Then there’s Thanksgiving. My Weight Watchers meeting was PACKED this week. Every year, the meeting before Thanksgiving is called The Great Plate and centers around how to navigate this food-centric holiday. We were given a worksheet and told to circle all of the food we planned to eat and then guess how many points a serving of each would be. Then our leader went through the list and told us how many points everything had. Basically, even if I eat sensible portions of everything I want and drink wine, my Thanksgiving meal is going to clock in around 45 – 50 points – and that’s OK.

I’m not going to over think it since I love Thanksgiving and all the traditional food. But I won’t be eating to the point of being uncomfortable (as I seem to do every year). I don’t need to have seconds and I don’t need huge servings of every.single.item. I’ll savor every bite and hopefully I can brave the weather to get outside and rack up steps on my UP.

If I maintain this week, I’ll be happy. Even if I gain a pound or two, it won’t be the end of the world. When I get off the plane on Sunday, I trust myself to jump right back into my routine.

Hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving!

My One Week Juicing Experiment (Plus Green Juice Recipe)

At a friend’s insistence, I recently watched “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead,” a documentary about juicing that came out a few years ago. In the movie you see people transform their health by doing juice fasts and then incorporating juices into their everyday diet. Spoiler alert: the narrator does a juice fast for 60 days (and doesn’t die) that results in huge improvements to his health. And not gonna lie, he was kind of hot after all of the juicing (the Aussie accent probably helped).

The day after I watched the film, I found myself at Bed, Bath and Beyond buying a Breville Juicer Plus (the one used in the movie). What can I say, I’m highly impressionable. :)

breville-juicer [Read more…]

Week 16: Weight Watchers Weigh In

I’m up 0.4 lbs this week.

No big deal. Although I was kind of hoping to hit my official WW 20-pound loss since it was also my 16th meeting (yes, I did get a key chain).


Now that the holiday season is upon is, it’s easy to get completely off track. I’ve always treated this time of year as a wash regardless of what diet I was on at the time. But my WW leader made a good point this week (she is full of good points) — how many days during the holidays are actually that difficult to navigate? It’s really just Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Year’s Eve and maybe a holiday party or two. There’s no reason to let yourself binge for two months straight when there are only a handful of days you’ll be surrounded by food. And if you have countless social engagements coming up? It’s OK to not say “yes” to every invitation. It’s also OK to eat before a party and skip the food.

Speaking of which, my office has been full of food lately. We do a huge fundraiser for a local food bank and part of that involves us doing fundraisers in the office, most of which include bake sales, catered lunches, and snack carts coming around in the afternoon. I’ve done a pretty good job getting through it so far. And I’m helping out with a healthy fundraiser this week — a juice and smoothie bar. Normally I would be baking up a storm and bringing in unhealthy treats for something like this, so I’m glad I have a healthy way to contribute. Needless to say it’s been a little hard to keep saying no to all of this food when “it’s for charity”! I have no problem being Scrooge for the sake of my waistline.

In other news…

My Jawbone UP activity tracker has been amazing for motivation. I took 65,500 steps in a week which is around 26 miles. I’ll be writing a post about it soon.

I also replaced coffee with green juice for a week. Yes, I can’t believe I was able to function.

Do you usually gain weight this time of year? What is your strategy for staying on track during the holidays?

Week 15: Weight Watchers Weigh In

2 lbs down this week. What?!

I always lose the most when I least expect it. Last week I attended two gluttonous food events and had several meals out. I ate pumpkin pie ice cream, mac and cheese, alligator fritters (delicious, I promise), and more.

Now I think I know what all those weight loss commercials mean when they say “results may vary.” Don’t try this at home, kids. Although maybe I AM on to something here…

I’ve been around the Weight Watchers block before. While I never stuck to WW this long previously, I did do my fair share of research (anyone who diets frequently is probably an encyclopedia on health – we just struggle with the practical application of our knowledge!). The concept of a “cheat day” to help with weight loss is pretty widely known. So it’s really not THAT surprising that the weeks that I’m losing the most are the ones that I have one significantly higher WW point day. (And well, as was the case this week, sometimes it’s more than one day.) My point is, I’m not eating the exact same amount every day. And according to some that has a positive metabolic effect since you keep your body guessing.  That may be a crock, but if anything I think allowing for one day with more indulgence is keeping me on track all the other days of the week.

In other news, I’ve acquired two health-related gadgets: a juicer and a Jawbone UP activity monitor. So far I love both! More to come once I use them for a while.

Next week is my 16th weigh in, which is considered a milestone in the Weight Watchers world. I think I get a key chain. Yippee. It should say “I lost 20 pounds and all I got was this stupid key chain.” (I may be in a positive mindset these days but the snark will never die.)