Easy Chicken Curry

I should probably call this chicken curry for wimps.

I don’t eat a lot of Indian food. Which is unfortunate, since I love curry. The thing is, I can’t handle the heat. I’m a huge baby when it comes to spicy food. So, as you can imagine, Indian food and I don’t have a very close relationship.  [Read more…]

Mexican Chicken Soup

Since no one proposed to you after making a roast chicken, you might be looking for more uses for your leftover chicken.


This healthy soup is fresh, light and makes a great weekday lunch. I brought it with me to work with a bag full of cilantro (not weird at all…) and avocado to top it with. Speaking of large amounts of cilantro… [Read more…]

Simple Roast Chicken

I left you with quite the cliffhanger, eh?


Here’s the truth: I didn’t get a week’s worth of meals out of my chicken. But, I did enjoy one night of roast chicken, followed by a delicious Mexican chicken soup and simple chicken curry (recipes coming soon!). [Read more…]

Eating Healthy on a Budget: How to Stretch a Whole Chicken

I recently made the mistake wise decision of downloading the Mint app on my phone. It’s like a responsible/annoying friend that tells you where you’re spending your money and alerts you when you’re going over budget…


Last month, I spent more money on food than I did on rent.  Granted, I live in a very reasonably priced apartment, but still… this was a shocking amount. Like, I could have made an international flight with my food budget.

I wasn’t even wining and dining myself at nice restaurants — the majority of this money went to the good people of Publix and Whole Foods. Since I’m primarily eating meat, vegetables, fruit, nuts, and other whole foods, my grocery bills have been astronomical lately.

It’s no secret that it’s really hard to eat on the cheap and eat healthy. But, it can be done. This month, I’m challenging myself to prepare whole, healthy meals that won’t make Mint yell at me. Starting with one whole chicken…


I bought a chicken on sale for $1.29/pound (my chicken was less than $7 total) and decided to see how many meals I could get out of it. Instead of buying 4 kinds of meat to get me through the week, this is much more economical. I won’t be eating as much meat per serving for each meal, but instead will bulk up my meals with more veggies.

Here are some ideas for using every bit of a whole chicken:

  • Roast the chicken and eat some roasted chicken as a meal
  • Remove remaining meat from bones and set aside for other meals
  • Use the chicken bones and vegetable scraps to make stock
  • Make soup or stew with leftover chicken and homemade stock
  • Use the remaining leftover chicken in: casseroles, chicken salad, curry, tacos/burritos/fajitas, breakfast hash, chicken pot pie

Stay tuned to see how I use my whole chicken this week and how many meals I can get out of it…

How do you cut down grocery costs while still eating healthy? I clearly need some tips, leave me a comment below!

Photo credit: Erin’s Sweet Life

Crock Pot Honey Sesame Chicken

I’m not a huge fan of using the crock pot.

Don’t get me wrong, I do love the crock pot for chili, tough cuts of meat, and other foods that are meant to cook all day. And I do love how amazing the house smells while dinner is cooking in the crock pot. [Read more…]

Chicken Salad

I’ve had some really bad chicken salad. Whether it’s dry chicken, too much mayo, or a total lack of seasoning, it’s easy to mess up something so simple.

But when chicken salad is done right, it’s divine. It’s all about the right balance of textures — creamy, but not drowning in mayo; crunchy, but not overpowering the other ingredients. This recipe gets it right (not surprisingly, it was inspired by Ina Garten): juicy white meat chicken dressed with a thin coating of mayo, crunchy celery, sweet grapes, and a savory depth from the fresh tarragon.

[Read more…]