Winning Back Your Love: Cake Balls Giveaway

Oh hey, remember me?

My mom and a few others are very concerned over the welfare of Snark & Pepper. Ready to hear some excuses? Here we go…

When this blog was born, I was living with my parents and I did not have a job. I would post on here either right after I cooked something or the next day. Now that I have a job and some semblance of a life, it just doesn’t work that way anymore. Recipes started piling up, and I’d get a little overwhelmed every time I’d sit down to write so I took a blog hiatus. I am trying to find a better method, and whether that is mapping out posts for the month or having a set time each week that I will sit down and post, I have yet to decide how I will start showing up here more often. BUT, I am back.

I hear your cries for attention and here’s how I’ll make my absence up to you: I’m gonna send one lucky person some cake balls (flavor to be determined). I successfully mailed out my first batch of cake balls, so I am confident they will arrive to the winner in decent, if not perfect, condition. And FYI…cake balls are insanely tasty. cakeballs

Here are the rules, because I like making rules/telling people what to do:

1. Leave a comment telling me a dish you’d like to see me make. Also feel free to tell me you have missed me. Include your correct email when filling out the comment or else I won’t be able to notify you if you’ve won.

2. The contest will close on Friday, April 1, at 11:59 pm. Any entries received after this will not be counted.

3. You must live in the continental United States. Sorry international readers (all 2 of you), but I cannot afford to ship to you plus I think customs officials would eat the cake balls.

4. Winner will be chosen at random by a random number generator.

Want to receive extra entries? In addition to leaving a comment, you can receive one extra entry per each of the below.

  • Post a link to the giveaway on Facebook
  • Tweet about the giveaway, including a link to this post and my Twitter handle (@snarkandpepper)
  • Subscribe to my RSS feed
  • Sign up to receive email updates (little email symbol over in the right sidebar)

Once you have done any of the extra entry requirements, please send me a quick email at snarkandpepper at gmail dot come telling me you have done so (honor system, please!).

I will make the cake balls this weekend, notify the winner on Saturday, and aim to ship them out on Sunday. I make no guarantees but the winner can expect to have cake balls in their possession before next weekend.

Good luck and start commenting!


  1. SarahFinnie says

    I think it would be great to do a blog series on brunch… I specifically like this idea because I can reap the benefits :)

  2. Jessica grimsley says

    I would love to see a blog about crockpot cooking! I have one and have never use it because I’m not sure how to cook in it!! Btw, your cake balls look yummy!! If I win I’ll share them with Sarah :)

    • Kerry says

      Thanks for the comment, Jessica :) Sarah gets to reap the benefits of this contest and eat the leftover cake balls! I have been meaning to post Sarah’s recipe for crock pot pork (which is AMAZING)… stay tuned for it.

  3. Happy says

    My vote is to blog about recipes for hosting (apps, dinners, deserts, etc). Maybe even a spring/ summer theme for the upcoming season. It could be formal recipes or even a quick whip up for when friends come to the pool.

  4. says

    OK here is the 5th or 6th thing I’ve done…LOL I also shared your link on my Face Book Page telling friends to take a look and enter. 😉

  5. says

    Oh and even though I postedwWhat I wanted on Face Book. I think that Happy had a great idea! Appetizer party with cocktail/wine pairing….everyone I know loves a summer TGYF get together.

    • Kerry says

      I have a really easy Chicken and Dumplings recipe I need to post. Thanks for the suggestion, Nikki :) Cake balls are the BEST!

  6. Katrine says

    I would like to see blogs on grilling recipes.. just bought one and so far it’s been hotdogs and hamburgers lol help!

  7. Clarissa Blanco says

    Your cake balls are delish! I would like to see a blog on spring/summertime recipes – fish, grilled items, using seasonal fruits & veggies. Fingers crossed that I win those cake balls!

    • Kerry says

      Clarissa – Even if you don’t win, I will send some with Sarah to work since so many of you have entered!

  8. Melissa Sackman says

    After giving birth to my baby boy 11 weeks ago, I am taking my first attempt to start losing the rest of my baby weight. With that said, I can’t believe about to ask for this, but I would love to see a good old mac and cheese soufle/casserole receipe. Perhaps on the lighter side if possible =)

  9. says

    What an amazing giveaway! Pick me! :) I love everything you post, but I guess right now I’m just looking for really fresh, healthy recipes. Spring time and all :)

  10. Jen says

    yum yum yum. i missed you, although this is the first time i’ve seen your blog. i would like to see your version of macaroni and cheese. or maybe mac and cheese balls.

  11. says

    Yea so glad you’re back…with cake balls no less (cake…balls??). I have been suffering from food poisoning for the past 24 hours and am just emerging from my haze, therefore anything mildly pasta related sounds lovely to me. Something with peas maybe?? Off to drink some tea, and celebrate my 4 pound weight loss, even if it lasts just today.

  12. Laurie says

    Kerry, boy I missed your blog. It always makes me smile, and very hungry…. How about any type of cuban food. I know your Mom would love that also. Ole’ Ole’….. Thanks.

  13. says

    Kerry, great contest! Cake balls!

    It’s spring so I say make something springy. Spring lamb? Something mediterranean. Greek? Spanish? yeah, like that.

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