Week 10: Weight Watchers Weigh In

I’m not sure HOW I lost 2 lbs this week, but it’s a welcomed surprise!


I had a lot going on over the weekend (a.k.a. lots of drinking and eating), so I expected to gain weight. I went to a brunch/wine tasting event, had a BBQ at my house, drank by the pool, went to a housewarming party, and watched the Gator game with friends. In addition to drinking at each of the aforementioned get togethers, I ate things like french toast casserole, cupcakes and cookies. So yes, the weight loss is mind boggling. I suppose the difference compared to when I’d normally have a big weekend is that I ate well in between indulgences and snuck in some exercise.

In other news I have a big change happening — I’m starting a new job tomorrow! As exciting as this is, I’m also nervous since I had a set routine that revolved around my former office. My gym and Zumba studio are both down the street from my old office. My new job is a pretty far commute, so what were once convenient locations for me to work out right after work are now out of the way.

My plan is to find a new gym close to my new office (or at least somewhere along my route home) and keep going to my Zumba studio a few times a week. My Weight Watchers meetings are also by my old office, so I’ll be changing my weigh in day to Saturdays since I’ll no longer be able to make weekday meetings. This may be a good thing since it will force me to make good decisions on Friday evening. Hopefully. :)

21 vs. 31

My roomie Cassie and I have been talking about how hard it is to lose weight now compared to when we were in college. Back then we’d do some crazy crash diet for 2 weeks and be bikini ready once again. Today, well, not so much…

Which got us thinking that — despite feeling like we’re still 21 at times — life is A LOT different than it was then. Thus, I decided to take a Buzzfeed-style look at life at 21 compared to life at 31…

Weight Loss

21: You’re not phased by a sudden weight gain. You can easily drop 10 pounds after two weeks of dieting.



31: Your metabolism hates you. You spend a year and a half trying to take off 10 pounds, only to gain an extra 20.




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My Before Photo (And Why I Couldn’t See How Fat I Was)

The picture below is what I looked like at the end of May of this year. When this was taken, it had been a while since I’d seen a full body photo of myself. I remember seeing this picture and thinking “I don’t look like that.”

When I look at this picture now, I see someone who was in denial. For a very long time, I lived in denial about my weight. I thought “no one will realize I’m overweight if I don’t bring attention to it.” I know this may sound crazy to most people (since I clearly need to lose some weight in the picture above), but being in denial about body size is rather common. I seriously did not realize how big I’d gotten, even when I saw myself in a picture.

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Week 9: Weight Watchers Weigh In

I’m down 0.8 lbs this week. I hit my “official” 10 pounds at Weight Watchers and I’m down a total of 14 pounds since seeing The Number on the Scale (I started dieting a week before  officially joining WW and lost 4 pounds).


This week marks my second month on Weight Watchers. Two months is the longest I’ve stuck to a diet plan in a long time. It’s definitely different this time. I’m losing slowly, but that’s good. Weight Watchers isn’t a quick fix.  I’ve lost this amount of weight in less than a month before, so I’m not setting any personal records in terms of weight loss. As anyone else who has done yo-yo dieting knows — when it comes off quick, you gain it back quick.

But at the same time…

I still find myself obsessing over the scale.  I weigh every day. I’m still letting a NUMBER have a lot of power over whether or not I feel successful.

So, I want to quickly celebrate a few non-scale victories:

  • My clothes are fitting comfortably. I went clothes shopping last weekend and it was a positive experience (it’s been a while since I didn’t feel  like crap when trying on clothes).
  • My butt is looking good (thank you, squats!).
  • My skin is looking good (thank you, water!).

The topic at my meeting this week was about hitting the reset button. We talked about what made us want to join WW this time (a lot of people in my group — including me — have been on WW multiple times). I thought back to how uncomfortable I felt in my own skin just two months ago and how much better I now feel after losing 14 pounds. It’s really about more than losing weight though. I feel like I’m in control again and making good choices, and you can’t put a number on that feeling. :)

5 Time Saving Tips for Quick and Easy Healthy Eating

I’ll be honest…

Healthy eating is a pain in the butt. It requires way more conscious effort than rolling up to a drive through or grabbing several handfuls of Cheez-Its.

Finding ways to save time on meal prep and cooking has been invaluable so far on my weight loss journey. I make sure I always have enough things on hand so I can throw together breakfast, lunch and dinner within minutes. At first I struggled with “cutting corners” since I typically like to make everything from scratch. Now that I’m eating healthy, I’m eating out much less often, which means more meals prepared at home, which means I had to be realistic about how much time I want to spend cooking. This definitely requires some planning, but fortunately there are ways to make this easier.

Here are a few ways I save time and my sanity…

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Week 8: Weight Watchers Weigh In

I’m down an incredible 0.2 lbs! I’ll take it…

After a week of drinking and eating, I’m just happy (and a little surprised) that I didn’t gain any weight. Not bad for a holiday weekend. I even hosted a wine and cheese party (my two biggest weaknesses!) and managed to keep myself in check.

My idea of indulgence looks a lot different now. These days, this means one or two indulgent meals throughout the week and a little too much wine. Before? Indulgence was total excess all weekend with a promise to get back on track on Monday.

I also appreciate my “cheats” a lot more now, although they’re not really cheats since I allow myself to enjoy them without any guilt. This is what a sustainable way of eating looks like.

I could have done better at tracking my food last week. There were a few days I wasn’t very diligent about it, so that’s something I’m trying to do better this week.

And I thought I hadn’t exercised much last week, but I got in 3 good work outs which — seriously, I can’t beat myself up too much for exercising only 3 times in a week. :)

I feel a big loss coming this week, stay tuned!